Nutrient- and Oilrich Algae Biomass

The nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus is trapped in the organic biomass of the algae in our wastewater treatment process. Part of the organic biomass can in that way be utilized for recycling valuable nutrients. Today nitrogen in fertilizers are mainly produced in an energy intensive process from natural gas and phosphorus is mined.

Phosphorus is a finite resource that is necessary for life to be able to thrive on this planet. It is literally a part of our DNA. In order to ensure our future food supply we need to start recycling phosphorus on a large scale in processes like ours as soon as possible.

The organic algae biomass that are being produced in our process do not only contain nitrogen (mainly in the form of proteins) and phosphorus. Algae also utilize water and carbon dioxide to grow that is transformed to carbohydrates and omega 3 rich oil through chemical reactions.

The nutrient- and oil rich biomass that we produce could e.g. be utilized as a fish feed ingredient or to produce energy and materials whilst a sustainable organic fertilizer is produced.