In search of a better future

In our prototype facility in Kungshamn and in our Gothenburg lab, we are constantly researching new ways for how to convert our findings into valuable products. Energy storage, UV resistant paint and plastic, cosmetics, feed, fertilizers… the only limit is our own imagination!

When using products from Swedish Algae Factory, you too become a part of our circular mindset.


Early on, we discovered that when applying the shell of the diatom on top of silicon based solar panels, the efficiency was enhanced significantly – by well over 4%.

When adding the material to a future type of solar panel (DSSC) the level of efficiency increased by 60%.

We were amazed by the results and are eager to introduce our findings to the world.

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Our algae cultivation systems can be used for environmentally friendly wastewater treatment.

Through a controlled algal bloom, we prevent harmful emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus into our seas and oceans.

Our wastewater treatment process requires far less energy and chemical input during operation compared to conventional solutions, which also makes it a whole lot cheaper.

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Nitrogen and phosphorous is trapped in the organic biomass of the algae. Phosphorus is a finite resource that is necessary for life on this planet. It is literally a part of our DNA.

In order to ensure our future food supply we need to start recycling phosphorus on a large scale, as soon as possible. As of today, phosphorus is mined and nitrogen in fertilizers are mainly produced in an energy intensive process from natural gas.

The nutrient- and oil rich biomass that we produce can, for instance, be utilized as a fish feed ingredient or to produce energy and materials whilst a sustainable organic fertilizer is produced.

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Circular economy

A circular economy resembles how nature works. It’s about carefully and intentionally designing, producing, and consuming without waste as an end product.