Research and Development for a better future

We constantly work to improve our production and extraction, and our performance in target applications. We also research the properties of this new and exciting material, look for new species and factory sites, and cooperate with several research projects to find new applications.

We have strong IP with patents pending covering important aspects of the cultivation process and several of the material’s applications.

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Applying our material on silicon based solar panels enhances the efficiency by over 4%. Newer solar panels such as DSSC increase their efficiency by 40%. The material’s properties include down-conversion, light trapping and UV blocking.

We are skin care’s next supermaterial. Our current pilot volumes of Algica are primarily sold to the skin care industry as a drop-in substitute for moisturizing and absorptive ingredients.

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Our algae factories can be used for environmentally friendly and low-cost wastewater treatment. Currently we are based on Sweden’s west coast.

Through a controlled algal bloom, we prevent harmful emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus into our seas and oceans. During the growth process our material traps  at least 8x its weight in CO2, 1x its weight in nitrogen and 0,1x its weight in phosphorous. This organic biomass can then be used in fish feed or fertilizer.

We are looking for partners and locations for our next 10 factories. If you have a fish farm or have other nutrient-rich wastewater, do reach out.

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Diatom shells are an old but a newly discovered material.  We have core research in-house with patents pending.

We cooperate with researchers worldwide regarding DSSC, optical properties including photonic down conversion and UV filtering, sensors, drug delivery, antifouling and batteries. Our cooperation with university scientists has so far resulted in two publications;

  • Nature, Scientific Reports; Diatom Frustules protect DNA from ultraviolet light (Luis Ever Aguirre, Liangqi Ouyang, Anders Elfwing, Mikael Hedblom, Angela Wulff & Olle Inganäs) 2018
  • Poster: Dye sensitized solar cells improvements using diatom frustules: a light wave guiding effect (Maurizio Furlani, T.M. Wijendra J. Bendara, Ingvar Albinsson, Bengt-Erk Mellander). An article on the same topic will soon be published.
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Circular economy

A circular economy resembles how nature works. It’s about carefully and intentionally designing, producing, and consuming without waste as an end product.