Environmentally Friendly Wastewater Treatment

Algae needs nitrogen and phosphorus to grow. Today we have a problem with releasing too much phosphorus and nitrogen causing eutrophication and dead zones in seas. All because too much algae are allowed to grow that cannot be handled by the natural ecosystem. This results in a lot of dead algae biomass that absorb large amount of oxygen when decayed, depriving sea living animals of the oxygen they need to live.

We want to use the algal efficiency in absorbing nitrogen and phosphorus to our advantage by creating controlled algal blooms with valuable algae before uncontrolled algal blooms is created in nature.

In this way our algae cultivation systems can be used for environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. Algae-based wastewater treatment needs less energy and chemical input during operation compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, which makes the system cheaper to operate. During the wastewater treatment process carbon dioxide is absorbed. The algae naturally work as a carbon sink. A valuable algae biomass that can be used in different sustainable industrial applications is also produced.