Article in Tidningen Kosmetik

Our CEO and Co-founder Sofie was interviewed in the Swedish cosmetics magazine “Tidningen Kosmetik” in a two-page article about our algae silica shells, a new ingredient for the Swedish skin care industry. See the full magazine, #4 2018, here. It’s in Swedish, but here are some roughly translated excerpts:“The diatom shells can effectively absorb bacteria and dirt from the skin. This means that the skin is cleansed and that visible impurities are counteracted. The algae material has up to one hundred times larger surface area than other absorbents used today, meaning that it can absorb up to 100x more dirt. The absorption is also three times faster because of its porous structure.The material can also effectively regulate moisture, thereby helping the skin retain good hydration. Plus, we have verified that the algae shell blocks UV light, so in future it may be used as a natural UV light blocker for sun screens.”