Europe’s Green Heroes 2019 – €500k prize!

We are so happy and honored to win the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge. This win helps us reach more customers and to increase our production capacity faster. Algica reduces CO2 with 200 tons/kg when applied on solar panels and replaces less sustainable substances in personal care products.

The prize money goes straight to building our company faster towards our mission. We will be the world leading producer of advanced materials from algae, and a driving force towards a circular and bio-based industry.

We won the grand prize in competition with 1200 great green tech companies. The final was in Amsterdam, but you can see videos here. Our CEO Sofie pitched in front of an international jury of environmental and tech experts. It’s the first time a Swedish company got to the final since 2007. This year there were two Swedish companies – congrats also to TEXEL Energy Storage!