EU LIFE Project Phases


The project was launched in in the summer 2018 and a project team and reference group were formed. Other main milestones included: assignment of subcontractors, launch of web site and initiation of tests on solar panels

DESIGN (2019)

Decision on process design and preparation for procurement. Preparation of required agreements and all permits in place. Other main milestones are related to communication of the project on notice boards and in the press.


Construction of the algae factory including greenhouse and processing. Connection of water pipes to nutrient rich water source.


Start-up of algae cultivation and extraction process. Optimization and testing of processes. Further verification of the optical properties for solar panel efficient enhancement in tests with producers of solar panels.



Continuous high-volume production of a high-quality material. Verification of uptake of nutrients and the potential use of the biomass from the algae. Wrap-up of the EU LIFE project including after LIFE plan.