The Swedish Algae Factory team

The core team has over 100 years’ combined experience in algae research, biology and engineering. Even before Swedish Algae Factory we were all active in these fields, because we are passionate about changing how we create and use the world’s resources. Our cutting-edge research has resulted in patents, key trade secrets and publications in e.g. Nature. Our engaged board of directors has experience building high growth and biotechnology companies, with expert knowledge of algae and the chemical industry.

We are Swedish Algae Factory – a visionary algae lab

Swedish Algae Factory was founded on many years of research by Professor Angela Wulff and our research team, in combination with Sofie Allert’s entrepreneurial drive. It started in 2014 to use diatom’s unique traits in industry, and has been growing as a company since 2016.

Swedish Algae Factory operates in harmony with nature, in real time. We cultivate our own algae, based on a circular economic mindset where carbon dioxide, nitrogen and phosphorus emissions are converted into valuable products.

Through a controlled algae bloom in our factory, we prevent nitrogen and phosphorus from overfertilizing our seas and oceans. In the process, we also clean water and produce a shell material that can be utilized to for example enhance the efficiency of solar panels, as a UV filter in sunscreens or for uptake and release of chemical substances in a variety of products. The organic biomass can e.g. be used as more sustainably produced feed and fertilizers.

By 2030 our goal is to have many Swedish Algae Factories up and running worldwide, contributing to a more sustainable industry.

Our supporters

We have a strong network of advisors, research partnerships and financial backers. We are currently backed by several EU and Swedish Energy Agency grants, Chalmers Ventures, EIT Innoenergy, Almi invest, Walerud Ventures and a former president of AkzoNobel.